ultra localized spraying


2 technologies combined,
One revolutionary solution

XeBee terminal and its SRP spraying

The XeBee terminal is a top-of-the-range terminal specially designed for multifunction spraying regulation in field crops. It will allow you to prepare and plan your treatments. Thanks to this terminal featuring a color touch screen and a tablet menu, you can equip your boom with an electric nozzle (up to 256 nozzles). Benefit from features such as smart regulated pressure ( SRP ), variable rate, localized intakes, section cut-off by GPS, guidance bar, EasyJoy joystick, drawbar, steering axle,  electronic gauge, plot recognition, automated boom height or automated boom ground tracking (ABC)…

Indeed, the XeBee terminal will be the first tool used during spraying work. At the end of it, you will benefit from treatment traceability thanks to the AgroSystem Desktop Application software and the USB interface for simplified updating. 

The SRP (Smart Regulated Pressure ) makes possible to maintain an optimal pressure for any flow, to modulate the rate, to manage the size of the drop, to control the drift and to reduce the risk of nozzle clogging.

For more information on the SRP option, please visit the “Technologies – PWM” page of our website. Through it, you will be able to explore in more detail the different advantages of SRP but also understand the principle of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) on which our solution is based.

XeBee camera and its ultra localized detection

The XeBee camera is able to detect weeds, discern them, locate them and control the spray system to target them. You can master the targeted treatment, for different treatments: spot spraying for weed control, on stubble (Green on Brown) or in crops (Green on Green), with or without bottom rate, or modulate nitrogen or fungicides on a wide range of crops. The objectives: reduce TFIs, increase yields, especially by reducing the effects of phytotoxicity on crops, and therefore reduce costs and the environmental impact.

These capacities can be used both in cartography and in real time to pilot a targeted action.

At the heart of the XeBee camera is a Deep Learning-based artificial intelligence vision engine. This patented technology allows it to learn (weeds, diseases, stress, etc.) with a very small amount of data, allowing it to tackle many crops.

The XeBee camera also contains an instantaneous, compact and resistant hyperspectral sensor, able to instantly capture the spectrum between 300 and 1000 nanometers to provide an extremely precise spectro-morphological signature in the visible and near infrared to discern weeds, estimate biomass or detect leaf symptoms of stress or disease.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to visit the Carbon Bee website.

The partnership of 2 leaders un spraying,
A 100% French brand

A word of Gérald GERMAIN,
Chief executive of CarbonBee >

Proposing a common solution with OPTIMA Concept was obvious for our two companies. Indeed, we share a common vision of agriculture today and tomorrow. Each in our respective fields, we hold many patents that make sense for agriculture and that we continue to improve every day. This is why XeBee is part of this logic of continuous innovation. XeBee is an integrated solution that will allow the farmer to reduce their TFIs by up to 95% and increase their yield. 

Our asset? We have pooled our expertise to have “the right dose in the right place” with nozzle-by-nozzle modulation thanks to an interface controlled by OPTIMA Concept and dosed by Carbon Bee.

A word of Olivier HOUSSARD,
chief executive of OPTIMA Concept >

From the outset, technological innovation has been the DNA of OPTIMA Concept. 20 years of ideas, designs, achievements, patents, in a field of experience: Spraying.

It is in this context, following numerous trials, tests and installations carried out jointly with Carbon Bee, that the idea of uniting our expertise around the same brand was naturally born.

We are proud to announce the birth of XeBee, a brand based on a successful Xenius spraying platform and a high-performance Carbon Bee camera weed detection system, the only Spotting solution capable of modulating a rate at the nozzle in real time. Two dynamic and innovative French companies, combining their knowledges, to offer you a technological, user-friendly and scalable solution, meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Installation pictures of a XeBee solution