Option ABC: Automatic Boom Control

OPTIMA Concept’s new ABC (Automatic Boom Control) option controls boom height, slope and/or geometry using 1,2,3,4 or 5 intelligent BusCAN ultrasonic sensors. The system manages different boom configurations (main boom, weed control, etc.), as well as different tillage tools. Thanks to the system, spraying quality will be improved, as the automatic boom control maintains the boom at a given distance for optimum spraying, with the intelligent BusCAN ultrasonic sensors having a range of up to 4 meters.

The ABC option offers both technical and user experience advantages.
On the technical side, you can benefit from features such as :

  • Automatic calibration: the system takes control of the machine to determine its optimum parameters based on the boom’s responsiveness and the tractor hydraulics’ responsiveness
  • Automatic soil monitoring for vineyards
  • Vegetation monitoring for field crops
  • Automatic or manual mode for each arm
  • Settings for up to 5 arms

The company has also thought of automatic lifting at the end of the row or at the end of the headland, by coupling the sprayer to a stationary sprayer.

On the user side, the system is quick and easy to install and replace, since it consists of 1 to 5 BusCAN intelligent ultrasonic sensors, a master and a number of BusCAN beams also ranging from 1 to 5 (1 beam for 1 sensor).

The ABC option can be implemented on the Xenius*, Xenius Viti* or ISO Spray (ISO Bus Solution OPTIMA Concept) via the purchase of a license. It is also compatible with the AgroSystem joystick.

*or equivalent