I would like the regulation to be more reactive during transient phases (acceleration after a half turn). What settings can I use?

The pair of parameters: Simulation speed and simulation time
Optimisation of the control valve

The nozzles on my sprayer are aging. Since I have pressure sensor regulation, I am overdosing slightly. How can I compensate for this damage until they are replaced?

The actual average flow rate [L/min] of your nozzles should be measured when the pressure in the boom is at 3 bar:

Measure what a nozzle spreads for 1 minute at 3 bar.

Enter this value in the specifications of the nozzle used.

I need the version number of my device and/or card/accessory. How can I find it?

If you have a Genius :

While the device is powering up, press and hold the central button on the right-hand side of the screen.
The list of options present in the box appears. Press OK (central button on the left of the screen).
The list of peripherals appears. When a peripheral is connected to the CAN bus, the “Plug” symbol appears, along with the associated software version.

If you have a Xenius :
NB. You can access the diagnostics menu from any XENIUS menu.

Push the two outer switches towards the center and the central switch downwards.
The Xenius terminal version is displayed in the center of the screen. The other lines correspond to the peripherals connected to the CAN Bus, with their versions.

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